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  1. Hi I had an order of your self’s it was 56 livingstone Road and ordered a hanky panky pie and never got it?

    1. We apologies for your missing order. We sent a voucher code to the your e-mail. You can gain a discount using the voucher code. Please check your e-mail.

      Thank you for contacting us.

  2. Been ordering from here for a few years now.
    However today arrived Luke warm, I rung to say. All they said was they could swap the pizzas which I explained my son had already took Nipple’s from a few pieces so they said they couldn’t do nothing about it.
    My partner is telling me she thinks it’s time to find somewhere else to order from.
    Very disappointed as I normally really rate the food from.

  3. We are regular loyal customers but of late have noted that the pizza toppings are a bit sparse, look forward to the prior generous portions.

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